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 Enjoy a variety of offerings from our very talented presenters.

ASG In the Spotlight
Jean Archer, American Sewing Guild
Saturday, 10:30 am

Once again, the American Sewing guild is showcasing the myriad talents of its thousands of members. You will see everything from lovely garments for adults and children to quilts and accessories; many ASG members also knit and crochet. Last year featured participants from the local chapter as well as member from Oregon, California, and the East Coast. There will definitely be something for everyone at this show.

ezUP Table: The Name Says It All!
Robert Cannell, ezUP Tables
Thursday, 1:30 pm
Friday, 4:30 pm
Saturday, 1:30 pm

If you have been looking for the ideal cutting table that is lightweight, but strong, can be put up and taken down quiickly, easily stored when company is coming, you have to come to Robert's informative presentation.

Making Memories with Fabric
Stephanie Kleinman, Fabric Studio
Thursday, 10:30 am
Friday, 8:30 am
Sunday, 8:30 am

Discover how easy it is to simply add a photo to your project and create your own unique memories. Combining photos and fabric is always a big hit with everyone. All you need to get started are Inkject Printable Fabric Sheets and a little creativity! The possibilities are truly endless! From a simple Christmas stocking highlight your favorite photos of your children, to a multi-photo quilt featuring the birth of your first grandchild.

Tips on Buying a New Sewing, Quilting or Embroidery Machine
Carmen LaPonte, Quality Sewing & Vacuum
Thursday, 12:30 pm
Friday, 9:30 am
Saturday, 12:30 pm
Sunday, 9:30 am

There are so many new sewing, quilting and embroidery machines are the market today. Where do you start when you know you want a new machine but you are not sure what you want the machine to do? The options in new sewing machines can be overwhelming. Join Carmen LaPonte from Quality Sewing Ceters as she shares tips on what to look for in a new machine and how to decide if the machine is right for you. Plus learn about the many new features on sewing machines today and how they can make your sewing easier and more fun.
Sew Many Options for Travel
Marsha McClintock, SAF-T-POCKETS Patterns
Thursday, 11:30 am
Saturday, 11:30 am

Is your first thought when planning a trip is "What am I going to wear?" See a wardrobe of interchangeable pieces you can wear for a week to a month. Discover styles, fabrics and colors that are the best travelers. Learn how to add pockets for security, see reversible clothes at that maximize versatility and accessories to pull it all together. Tehn see it all packed in one carry-on suitcase.
What is Wrong with My Sewing Table?
Ed Moore, Tacony Corporation
Thursday, 9:30 am
Friday, 12:30 pm
Saturday, 9:30 am
Sunday, 12:30 pm

Pain in your neck and projects not getting done can all be symptons that your cabinetry does not fit you. Come learn how much more enjoyable and productive your sewing experience will be with furniture that is customized for you.
The Mix and Match Modern/Vintage Wardrobe
Laura Nash, Sew Chic Pattern Co.
Thursday 8:30 am
Fri only 3:30 pm
Saturday 8:30 am

Learn how to multiply your wardrobe looks by swapping pattern pieces! Old to new, or new to old, add, subtract, or switch brands. In this trunk show you’ll discover the rules for what to mix and how to match, along with clever tricks that will help guarantee success.
Simply Our Best…Quick and Easy
Peggy Sagers, Silhouette Patterns
Thursday 4:30 pm
Friday 1:30 pm
Saturday 4:30 pm
Sunday 1:30 pm

Silhouette Patterns are quick and easy to sew and just terrific. Come see how diverse and applicable
they can be to your lifestyle as we take just a few patterns and make a whole wardrobe. Come join us!
Thread Fun and Facts
Suzy Seed, Sulky of America
Thursaday 2:30 pm
Friday 11:30 am
Saturday 2:30 pm
Sunday 11:30 am

Discover the fun facts of thread manipulation to create fabric, ear rings, scarves and trims. With a
few twists and turns we can create so many things without leaving the machine. Decorative stitches
stacked to create trims and top stitching in metallic or rayon using two threads through the needle. You
will learn Fun Facts to take home and create with.
Sleepover Party for the 18" Doll
Nadeen Ward, Dolls R Sew Fun
Thursday 3:30 pm
Fri day 10:30 am
Saturday 3:30 pm
Sunday 10:30 am

Com and see the trunk show right out of the new book Sleepover Party. See models wearing all of the
garments made from this book and get hints on how to make these sleepwear and casual clothes for the
18" doll, including panties. You will be the rst to see this as it won't be released until Sew Expo.
Gift in a Gift
Linda Winner, Martelli Enterprises
Friday 2:30 pm
Sunday 2:30 pm

We all struggle over nding that perfect gift when really what they want is money! So why not give that
gift card or cold, hard cash in a clever way? Come see several ways to give a 'gift in a gift'. You still get to be creative and they still get the cash; everyone's happy!